The bathroom collections from Villeroy & Boch. 

Stylish treats for the senses.


Puristic design meets sophisticated technology

This design object is a real eye-catcher. Precise edges and filigree side walls make the freestanding Quaryl® bath a spectacular feature in the bathroom. Optional decorative strips are colour-coordinated with the push-to-open valve and water inlet in stylish metallic shades, emphasising the puristic shapes and, together with over 200 panel colours, opening up greater scope to express your personality.

Another novel feature is the optional Emotion function which makes the bath appear to float on a pedestal of light. These atmospheric light effects will turn your bathroom into your own personal well-being oasis.


Distinctly elegant

The nature of design classics lies in their everlasting modern look. There is something eternal about them, free from passing trends and solely committed to having the perfect shape. The award-winning designer Christan Haas has created this masterpiece with the Antheus collection: a complete bathroom with a range of washbasins, toilets, baths and furniture, where every line makes sense and the materials boast a natural beauty and durability. A composition that proudly acknowledges the influence of Art Deco and Bauhaus, classic styles from the beginning of the Golden Twenties. Make your bathroom timeless – with Antheus, the classic of the future.


Design the perfect line

Venticello bathroom ceramics are the straightforward answer to individual questions about perfect functionality in the bathroom. Villeroy & Boch has the expertise to produce ceramics with an extremely high-quality finish. The fine cabinet sinks combine design and function: a rib height of approximately 18 mm lends the ceramics a light and elegant appearance and the sink depth of 120 mm means no compromises need to be made in terms of functionality. The three toilets are equipped with DirectFlush technology and are quick and easy to clean thanks to the rimless design. With Venticello, bathrooms benefit from a modern slimline design that is high on functionality.


Unique, both day and night

Clearly defined and timelessly modern, Legato is now a complete bathroom collection of uniform elegance for sophisticated tastes. Linear ceramics perfectly complement the expressive design of this successful furniture range. The washbasin is a particular feature, with its almost floating effect, visible both day and night thanks to optional LED lighting. The spacious, handleless Legato furniture also creates new design scope, including the new wood decors of “Nordic Oak” and “Arizona Oak”, as well as the trendy grey shades of “Truffle Grey” and “Soft Grey”.  

Clever details such as integrated LED lighting and the bevelled edges create the impression that the Legato countertop is actually floating. The handle-free fronts underline the elegant design which allows plenty of scope for individualisation thanks to the large number of front colours available. The furniture in this collection radiates sophisticated elegance and is suitable for combining in many different ways - both with the Legato vanity washbasins and various other surface-mounted washbasins.


Scope for personality

Stylish minimalism is reflected in the restrained design and clarity of form of the Memento premium collection. Sophisticated colours, such as Glossy Black, emphasise the purity and aesthetics of the ceramics in this collection. The Bright Oak surfaces provide a visual and sensory contrast to the bathroom furniture, thanks to the structural depth of the wood. The character of this timeless design lies in its modern combination of wood and glass.

Minimalist design and clear forms characterise Villeroy & Boch wash basins. Their luxurious finishes turn time spent in the bathroom into a wonderful experience. The luxurious and sophisticated New Glory Platinum decor makes use of high-quality platinum to embody aesthetic beauty. The CeramicPlus surface treatment also ensures that cleaning is both quick and easy. This particular collection will provide you with the highest level of bathing comfort.

The Memento premium collection stands out due to its linear and minimalist design. Reduced to the essentials, it offers maximum aesthetics, coupled with a purity of form and colour. Its timeless style, luxurious finishes and sophisticated decors lend every bathroom a very special charm and create a great deal of scope for personality.