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Max Mason take a fresh and simple approach to designing your new kitchen. 


Our philosophy is to make furniture which is simple, elegant and functional but most importantly reflects how you live. 


Every one of our kitchens is hand made from start to finish by our team of expert craftsmen.  Every client has different requirements and wishes, making every kitchen we create different but always with the same Max Mason quality, passion and precision. 

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Max Mason


All of our collections have been designed with simplicity, functionality and elegance in mind.


The hand applied, fine beading on the Medbourne collection makes it beautifully elegant and simple which is at the heart of Max Mason's design philosophy. 


With all the understated sophistication of traditional cabinetry, the Medbourne is a contemporary update making it the ideal choice for the discerning eye.

The effective but subtle beading is carried through and reflected in the cornice and skirting detail giving it a truly unique style which will stand the test of time.


Max Mason


The Sulby collection is designed to be bold and strong whilst still retaining very detailed characteristics which make it so distinctive.  With its straight edges and grooving detail, the Sulby is undeniably distinguished in style.

The Sulby groove is carried through from the cornice to the skirting and posts.  Every detail has been carefully measured and well thought out to give the Sulby its distinguished feel.


Max Mason


Inspired by the classic Shaker kitchen, the Teeton collection is beautifully uncomplicated in design and our most contemporary collection.  It's simple, clean lines make it ideal for any style of home.  It can also work well along with any of our other style collections when used in walk-in pantries, utility and boot rooms or butler pantries.


Max Mason

Why Max Mason?

Every Max Mason kitchen is individually designed and crafted for each of our clients to create a space which is entirely bespoke to you.  Our focus is always on designing your new kitchen to suit your lifestyle whilst ensuring that each of our kitchens has the trademark Max Mason level of quality, precision and excellent craftsmanship.

From your initial consultation with our creative team through to your dedicated designer and project manager, we take care of all the details to deliver you a finished product of the highest level of quality.

Max Mason


All of our furniture is manufactured in our Northamptonshire workshop by our team of expert craftsmen who combine age old traditional joinery with the very latest in modern technical innovation.

With uncompromising passion and over 25 years experience, our team understand the importance of always ensuring our philosophy of excellent quality and service at all times.

We also understand that creating a beautiful kitchen doesn't stop at kitchen cabinets, but the space as a whole.   With this in mind, we can design and manufacture elements such as architraves, panelled walls and other architectural pieces to create a harmonious space.


We create cabinetry for other rooms such as drinks cabinets and butler's pantries for the dinning room or utility and boot room spaces as well as other rooms such as dressing rooms and bathrooms.

C A B I N E T R Y  F O R  M O D E R N  L I V I N G

Kitchens are no longer just a place to prepare and cook food, they are the hub of the home.  With this in mind, we believe that every corner of this space should be not only aesthetically beautiful but also have a practical purpose.  We work closely with you to understand your needs and requirements to build cabinetry which will make living in your new space a pleasure to work and live in.



A dedicated space in the kitchen especially for breakfast. The go-to space in the morning where you can keep all the morning essentials, like the toaster, kettle as well as cereals, tea and coffee.  When you are done, you can close the doors for a tidy look.


Sulby Collection Breakfast Cabinet


Made to your bespoke specification and requirements, we can create the ideal space to store and serve drinks.  From temperature controlled wine rooms to a butler pantry within your dining room or simply a designated cabinet within the kitchen, we will work with you to deliver a solution that best suits your needs. 

Max Mason


Named after the Northamptonshire village where all our furniture is manufactured, The Naseby dresser can be a stand-alone piece of furniture or built in as part of your kitchen cabinetry.  The easy-to-glide glazed sliding doors are perfect for effortless access to everything inside and the drawers underneath make for perfect storage.

A versatile piece, it can be manufactured in a any of our style collection ranges above to add a stunning focal point whether in the kitchen, dinning or drawing room.

The Naseby dresser can be completely bespoke to your desired size and dimensions.



The Ashby is a simpler version of the Naseby dresser and designed for housing crockery and serveware in the kitchen or dining area. 

Like the Naseby, it can be completely bespoke to your desired size and dimensions.

Max Mason


A space for muddy boots and coats or a clean space for laundry and additional sink or perhaps both! Whatever your requirements are, we will deliver a space which will suit your lifestyle requirements.

Max Mason


We offer many internal accessory options to make storage of spices, cutlery, utensils, jars, condiments and other kitchen essentials easy and most importantly to make the maximum use of available space.

Max Mason


Choose from our extensive range of colours, veneers or solid wood options to complete your ideal look.  

Colours & Finishes
Colours & Finishes
Colours & Finishes
Max Mason