Form Follows Perfection. This sentence represents AXOR. Perfection in all its dimensions. In the design. In the technology. In every innovation. In every detail.

Form Follows Perfection is rooted in a strong principle. And it’s something of a revolution. Form Follows Function. No form or function can be considered in isolation.

Form Follows Function is not enough. AXOR’s goal is to finish products off to perfection. The development process continues until there’s nothing left to be added or removed. Until the product is more than the combination of form and function.

AXOR mixers, showers and accessories are developed, designed and produced in line with this aspiration. For bathrooms and kitchens. Perfection.

Symbiosis of design and function.

For AXOR, luxury means creating an experience out of form and function. Which appeals to the senses and touches people. Which conveys the aspiration for perfection. In the design. In the manufacturing. In the individuality. So that every AXOR mixer, shower and accessory has something unique about it.

Pioneering ideas. Perfectly accomplished.

Every mixer and every shower starts off with a great idea. This has been the case since 1993. AXOR is constantly challenging convention. With the goal of initiating new, ground-breaking developments. And perfecting them.

No compromise.

Uncompromising and consistent. This is how AXOR develops innovative mixers, showers and accessories. In unique design. In superior quality. In perfect precision. Popular all over the world.

Setting trends.

Forging ahead rather than following. The long list of internationally renowned design awards tells the story. About the multitude of successful AXOR classic bathroom products. The next big innovations are on their way too.


The result of craftsmanship and high-tech design.

Brilliant. Robust. Durable. AXOR FinishPlus surface finishes are exceptional. Tougher than galvanised mixers. The Physical Vapor Deposition process gives you an extra metal layer. The evaporation of various process gas mixtures creates different surface light reflections. In bronze finish. Or red gold. Excellent colour brilliance. Particularly resistant.

Essential to these high quality standards: the human touch. Particularly with regard to the brushed variants. Manual steps are involved in giving them their specific texture.

Coloured finishes augment the luxury bathroom and the luxurious kitchen. They give them extra character. They radiate exclusivity. AXOR FinishPlus surface finishes offer even more options for designing bathrooms and kitchens. 15 surface finishes in brushed or polished metallic shades offer scope to add personal touches. Mixers in red gold or black chrome. The most unusual colour variants. Or in gold finish, brass, stainless steel finish, bronze or nickel. Brushed or polished in each case. Can be perfectly tailored to the interior design.

It’s a question of aesthetic perfection. And perfection in the workmanship. AXOR FinishPlus surface finishes are manufactured using the special PVD method. This turns them into iconic products with exceptionally aesthetic, not to mention functional qualities.

World-famous designers.

Every mixer and shower features its own unique design. AXOR works closely with internationally renowned designers to break new ground. In terms of form. In terms of functionality. In dealing with water, the elixir of life.